simple grilled shrimp

This one comes from a guy I used to know who would indulge in a few too many adult beverages and whip up a gourmet meal at 3:00am. Somehow I managed to commit it to memory, and he went to culinary school.  Sorry…this is another one that has no exact measurements…

shrimp, raw and unpeeled, we usually use about 2 pounds
lots of EVOO
2 medium red onions, one finely minced, one sliced large enough to kabob
cilantro, one bunch, chopped
large assortment of other fresh herbs, we use thyme, rosemary, and some parsley, chopped
lots of limes and lemons, juiced (they have to be real fruit, no bottled juice)
salt and pepper to taste
wooden skewers, soaked in water

1) Fire up the grill.

2) Mix all of the ingredients, except shrimp, together in a large bowl. You really have to taste it to be sure you get a good balance between the olive oil and citrus flavor, but it should look something like this:

3) Add shrimp to marinate. Not too long, or the citrus will cook them.

4) Assemble shrimp and larger pieces of onion on skewers and grill. Do not try to baste with the leftover marinade…it looks awesome, but the 3 foot flames from the oil tend to “jerky” the scrimps and char the onions.

5) Remove from the grill when the shrimp turn pink/orange and the onions get slightly crispy.

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