brussels sprouts

have you ever not tried something just because you’ve heard it was gross?  that’s how i was with brussels sprouts.  i had never tried them.  no one had directly told me from personal experience that they are nasty.  it’s just something i had assumed to be true.

well, tom and i met with our caterer to pick out some potential wedding foods a while back, and we were looking for something a little different, something a little seasonal…we’ll get to all that in another post, but our stellar caterer throws out brussels sprouts as an idea. and tom thinks it’s a great idea, and i’m all, “you must be crazy man.  serve brussels sprouts at our very classy cocktail party?”  well.  we did.  i tasted them (beforehand, of course.  i was still skeptical.).  and you know what?  they’re awesome and i clearly have been missing out.

let’s get to the point now.  here’s a delicious & easy way to make them at home:

1 lb brussels sprouts
2 oz pancetta, chopped
3 cloves garlic, chopped
extra virgin olive oil
parmesan cheese to top

1.  over a medium low heat sauté olive oil and pancetta until crisp.  remove the pancetta from the pan.

2.  add garlic to pan and cook unti fragrant.  remove and toss.  this is one occasion where we don’t want big pieces of garlic.  crazy right?

3.  add brussels sprouts.  cover.  cook over low heat for 15-20 minutes, or until tender.

4.  sprinkle with reserved pancetta and top with grated parmesan.

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8 Responses to brussels sprouts

  1. Karen Barnes says:

    If West and I become your new best friends, does this mean that you will cook for us?
    Because we will supply the wine and beer.

  2. The roomie says:

    I also hadn’t tried brussel sprouts simply because I heard they were gross. I felt adventurous at your wedding because there was no way you would have bad food and I’m so glad I tried them! Thank you for once again broadening my food horizons.

  3. heirtoblair says:

    How I know I’m lacking sleep — I looked at the second ingredient & read “placenta.”

    & then I did it again at Step 4.


  4. thelushers says:

    Haha Karen! We DO need to get together sometime soon!

  5. Kate says:

    Kathleen your posts are fabulous!! Every single one makes me laugh, and your recipes are relevant and practical. I’m going to be a regular on your blog from now on…so no slacking!!! I already have a foodie quesiton – what do you do with the delicous ‘broth’ left over from a beef stew or making shortribs.. if you don’t want to make ANOTHER beef stew?? Thanks!!!

    • thelushers says:

      Awww thanks Kate! I’m glad you’re reading.

      As far as the broth goes, I’m not so sure about that. I don’t eat beef, so I don’t have a lot of firsthand experience with it, but I bet you could use it as a base for french onion soup?

  6. Rachel Beard says:

    Kathleen- I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I’m making these this weekend! I love all your recipes because everything seems delicious but not TOO complicated. I look forward to making more of them!

    Hope Married life is treating you well!


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