when foodies get married: an introduction

first off, i hate the word foodie.  so, i am using it begrudgingly for lack of a better term.

foodoholic?  nope.  makes it sound like we pass the time stuffing ho hos in our faces.

gourmet?  epicure?  nah.  way too pretentious, and we certainly don’t discriminate against bojangles or a bag of target popcorn.

so.  we are left with foodie.

aaaand, i got way off topic.  anyways, ever since we got this blog back up and running and moved, i have been wanting to share some of our big day, without boring y’all with a wedding slideshow 1000+ pictures long.

soooooo, this being a food blog and all, over the next month or so, i will be interspersing recipe posts with all the delicious (and food related) highlights of our wedding, so y’all can get a taste what happens when foodies get married.

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