when foodies get married: the out of town bag

(well, in our case, they were boxes.  and here’s all 60 of them ready to go!)

if you’ve been a wedding guest lately, and stayed in the couple’s room block at their choice hotel, you’ve more than likely been the recipient of an out of town bag.  i’m not sure where this all started, but i feel like it’s a fairly recent trend in weddings, sort of a welcome gift to your guests that have traveled a ways to celebrate with you.

and probably to save them from diving head first into the minibar while they’re getting settled.

anyhow, most of the ones we have gotten have had granola bars, bottles of water, candy, personalized coffee……..i’ve heard of some as elaborate as wine and cheese, and while that would have been great, we had sixty of them to put together.  so we didn’t want to take out a second mortgage on the house, but we did want to put together something relevant, and even a little unique, for our guests that were coming from all corners of the country.  behold…………..the box of southern snacks!  what do we have here?

sundrop & cheerwine sodas, mini moon pies, and buried underneath, a pack of nabs (for those of you who don’t speak southern, those would be peanut butter sandwich crackers & it took everything in my power not to dig into them while they waiting to be packed up.)!

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