dear ina,

dear ina,

i almost take back all the snarky things i’ve said about you.  almost.

it’s just that you have such a condescending, pretentious tone when you proclaim that we “use good vanilla,” “good olive oil,” or even “good mayonnaise” while cooking.  or, god forbid, we cook with cheap wine, because then our food would come out tasting like “cheap food.”

you’re a very talented cook.  your food is delicious.  i do watch your show.

i just don’t appreciate the tone.

but, here’s one thing you and i can agree on:this really is good mustard.

and it’s not because you can only find it in specialty stores in the hamptons, or because it’s expensive (i snagged this for less than 4 bucks at world market), it’s because the french really know their dijon.  probably because they created it.

well, i’ve been eating it on everything from cheese and crackers, to pretzels, & even caught the side eye from tom when i spread it on my bread to make a grilled cheese sandwich.

whatever.  it’s good.  and i don’t think we’ll be going back to the store brand dijon anytime soon.

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