rip: the rockford

if everything i’ve read is true, then it’s a sad day in nc’s capital city.  the rockford, discreet upstairs hideaway from all the hair gel & tight graphic tees that perpetuate glenwood avenue, has shut its doors.

abc (apple, bacon cheddar) sandwiches, reasonably priced microbrew pints, slightly hipster crowds, those really steeps stairs that test your sobriety with every step, boozy weekend lunches, hazy late nights with friends……..….you will all be dearly missed.


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One Response to rip: the rockford

  1. Evie says:

    gah I’m so upset that I can’t even talk about it. My friend worked there so I’m trying to get the poop. I’m also going to try and squeeze every recipe I can out of her…I will miss the Samosa burrito, eggplant sammy, and the forever evolving sides……SIGH.

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