weekend in review: dogfish head dinner

no.  we really didn’t do much in the way of cooking this weekend, but we still managed to do a good deal of eating & drinking, friday night being the highlight.

if you read my previous post you knew that we were a) really glad it was friday and b) super pumped to be going to busy bee cafe later that night for a beer dinner with dogfish head and it’s founder, sam calagione.

we were tipped off on this event while enjoying dogfish head at another establishment, where we happened to run in to the regional rep.  i kept an eye out on the busy bee newsletter & about 30 seconds after the announcement hit my inbox, i shot back the reply,  “SIGN US UP!!”

on the menu:a step up from the always tasty fare from the bee, more elegantly plated with some interesting ingredients & five tasty beverages.  pork with steel cut oats?  delicious.this is randall.  the enamel animal.  beer run through this bad boy, which gets packed full of hops, comes alive with fresh hop aroma & flavor.  very cool.  and here we are with the founder himself!

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2 Responses to weekend in review: dogfish head dinner

  1. Tom says:

    You forgot the part where Sam accused me of grabbing his ass during the picture.

  2. Robin Gay Neal says:

    I love me some SAM! He’s the best!! Glad it was so yummy and fun!!

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