when foodies get married: the favors

….aaaand we’ve made it!  the final installment of when foodies get married!  don’t worry though, there’s plenty of other good stuff to come.

alright, so favors.  matchbooks, koozies, wine stoppers, plantable seed cards……..i could go on all day.  they’re all good & fine and we already have a ton of all of them (remember?  we’re professional guests.) and when looking around all i could think was “omg what are we going to do if we have 100 of insert here left?!?!  where would we put them?!?  what would we do with them?!?”  not to mention the equivalent of a small island nation’s gdp would probably have already been spent personalizing whatever object, rendering it nonreturnable.

so, what do tipsy partygoers like to leave with?  cookies.

total investment?  forty bucks.  maybe.  the only pricey item being the special m&m colors.  otherwise, we hit up aldi for the flour, sugar & butter, nashville wraps for the packaging, printed out some cute tags & spent a sunday baking.  we stuck the cookies in the freezer for about 3 weeks, pulled them out the thursday before the wedding & packaged.  i’m not sure how many of those cookies actually left the building, except for the few that friends found in crumbs in their purses after grabbing a few cookies “for later,” and we had made about twice as many as we had guests.

celebrating makes people hungry, you know?

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    You just made my mouth water with those pictures! They look sooo good. John and I were the couple you spoke of, we have over 100 match books left from our wedding. I chose to go with matches b/c I thought everyone could use them. Looks like we’ll be prepared for any grill-out or power outage through our silver years! 🙂

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