tgif cocktail: millerlada

{hi!  welcome to our new place!}

this tasty beverage is brought to you by the triple degree temperatures prematurely showing themselves here in june.

a savory, refreshing alternative to the typical summer umbrella drink, this is pretty much a michelada, if you’re familiar, but based on miller lite, as opposed to a mexican beer.  as much as we love craft beer, we could easily go broke drinking it all.the.time., so the cheap beer of choice around these parts is miller lite, and it’s found it’s way into this salty, summery, delicious concoction.


1/4 lime
kosher salt
1 12oz can miller lite
dash of worcestershire sauce
dash of hot sauce (something like tabasco for this)
dash of soy sauce

1.  rim a pint glass with the lime wedge & dip in kosher salt.

2.  fill glass with ice & squeeze the juice from the lime wedge in there.  pour in the beer, until the glass is 3/4 full.

3.  add the dashes of worcestershire sauce, hot sauce & soy sauce.  stir well.

4.  top with remaining beer.

go forth & brave the heat!

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  1. Kate says:

    Love the spin on the old MX classic – we had lots of micheladas in Sayulita! I also love that you specify “can” instead of “bottle.” Classic.

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