when foodies honeymoon: an introduction

now, if you read any of our previous posts from the “when foodies get married” series you know that a) i hate the word “foodies,” but continue to use it for lack of other non-pretentious sounding word and b) we do things a leeettle differently than the typical couple.

same rules applied with our honeymoon.

while a lot of couples enjoy relaxing on the beach of a tropical island with a book in one hand & an umbrella drink in the other, that’s just not for us.  i love the beach, don’t get me wrong, but after about a day or two we need to do something. not beach volleyball, or bocce & after being viciously attacked by a man of war jellyfish a few years ago, i’m not so keen on underwater activities.  plus, i’ve heard from more than a few couples, that they spent the first few days just recovering from wedding activities.  PLUS, the fall, when we got married, is east coast hurricane season, and the control freak in me can’t deal with that kind of uncertainty.

so, what did we do?  went back to work for a few days after our wedding.


sure, it was tough, but it gave us some time to unwind from the whirlwind weekend and pack, but leaving the following weekend meant that we got to have two weekends & a full week for our adventures in the land of fabulous food, endless wine, and crazy good microbreweries……

the views aren’t too shabby either….

northern california!!!

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