when foodies honeymoon: traveling & the first night

i can’t believe it’s been a month since we first kicked off this series.

what can i say?  time sometimes gets away from me.  so.  if you need a refresher go here.

so yes, a week after our wedding, we packed our bags & headed to northern california.  BUT we had a cross country plane ride ahead of us first.  and  i looooooooooooove flying.

did you see that?  it was the sarcasm dripping of that last statement.  am i aware that flying is a safe form of transportation?  absolutely.  does it make my irrational, unfounded fear go away.  not one bit.

airporthere we are being dropped off at the airport.  right before we headed to the bar so i could chase my xanax with large, overpriced beers i had cried into.  the bartender offered me a $3 shot to go with my anxiety cocktail, but trying to take the high road, i turned it down.  i should have taken him up on the offer.

we made it successfully to dallas, where right across from our connecting flight’s gate was a sign from god that he wanted me to survive the next flight: an irish pub.  and we had just enough time for me to re-up with a car bomb.

golden gate

made it!

and then we hit road for the hourish drive north, up to santa rosa, checked in to hotel la rose, made ourselves look presentable, because my target leggings shouldn’t be worn in public any more than necessary, and jumped back into our sah-weet ford focus where we headed to healdsburg & the truett hurst release party.  where i didn’t take out my camera a single time.  DSC00933 we got there a little late, so the food was mostly gone, but we got to taste the wine, meet the winemaker, phil truett, and bask outside in the gorgeous weather.  since i was finally capable of relaxation.

the wine purchasing commenced:  2006 burning man petite syrah & 2005 dessert wine.

still being a hungry, we headed back to santa rosa & hit up food network star guy fieri’s restaurant…


{johnny garlic’s}

…and it was damn tasty.

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  1. oooo, I’ve always been curious about Guy’s restaurant. I watch him ALL the time on triple D, which is a slow form of torture in my opinion, it always makes me SO hungry.

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