locopops! mango chile popsicles

first order of business: locopops.

if you’re ever in the triangle area, (they’re in raleigh, durham & chapel hill) get yourself there.

{french tart & mexican chocolate on the first warm(ish) day of the year}

based on the paleta, a mexican frozen treat, these cream & fruit based pops are sourced locally for their unique regular & guest star flavors and are just plain tasty.

so imagine my excitement when locopops published their popular mango chile recipe in details magazine!

from details (makes 8 4oz popsicles)

1 lb very ripe mangoes
1/2 cup water
1/3 cup sugar
1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper or more to taste (i went more.  it’s what i do.)

1.  peel the mangoes, cut the flesh from the pits, and purée with the remaining ingredients.

2.  pour the puréed liquid into ice-pop molds and freeze for 8 hours.

next matter of business: the popsicle mold

you see, when i get excited about making a locopops recipe at home, i’m not gonna wait 8 hours for them to freeze, because by then, i could have already gone to locopops.  16 times.

so.  we bought this.{photo credit}

it freezes popsicles in, oh, around 10 minutes & is just the coolest new summer toy around.

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2 Responses to locopops! mango chile popsicles

  1. I LOVE locopops…mexican chocolate is the must have then I always get one of the guest stars in addition….Lewis, my dog, really likes the pup-pops too…did you ever try their lavender cream pop…it was kinda crazy and kinda good.

  2. Poeia says:

    I LOVE the Mango chile, and so do my youngins. I had no idea they published the recipe! Thanks!

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