thirsty thursday: stone, dogfish head & victory

saison du buff:  one recipe, three beers.

{stone, dogfish head, victory…we don’t have a victory glass}

seven years ago, the guys from stone, dogfish head & victory got together & formed the brewers united for the freedom of flavor, or buff.  they held just one formal meeting.

well, in 2010 buff stepped their game up with these collaboration beers.  all brewed from one single recipe, all the same ingredients, at each of their respective breweries, they turned out three similar, yet still very different brews.

in a blind taste test of these saisons, brewed with parsley, sage, thyme & rosemary, i snagged the full glass of victory to be my own.  mr. lusher preferred the stone.  we certainly didn’t let the dogfish head go to waste….

pick them up & do a taste test of your own!

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  1. Elaine says:

    You know, Victory isn’t far from where I live either. When you guys make another trip up here we should take a tour!

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