thirsty thursday | dogfish head black & red

i’m not trying to rub this your face, since this is one of their limited release beers, but it’s too good to go unmentioned.DSC 2677 thirsty thursday | dogfish head black & red

dogfish head just makes weirdly awesome beers that are worth the trip to delaware to experience, or begging your family & friends to bring home to you when they’ve been in the area.  we scored this by the latter.

mr. lusher handed me a glass full of the dark brew, & i asked, “so what’s it supposed to be?”.  “a dry-minted stout,” he said.

mint?  in the beer?

now i like mint.  mint in mojitos, mint in toothpaste, mint in the lifesavers i steal out of my coworker’s candy dish every day, but really?  in beer?  dogfish head is known for their crazy concoctions, but i wondered if they had gone to far this time.

i took a sip, fully expecting it to taste as bad as drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth, with the mint & all, but really?  it totally worked.   the flavors of chocolate, mint & fruit come together to make this really drinkable, even at 10.5 % abv & it finishes smooth & sweet.

quick work was made of it.

have you ever gone to great lengths to snag something tasty?  managed to bribe someone else to do it for you?  leave a comment & tell us about it!

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3 Responses to thirsty thursday | dogfish head black & red

  1. marg says:

    Best beer I’ve ever had!!!

  2. Faith says:

    I consider this beer a “dessert beer” It is quite excellent… especially with a slice of Death By Chocolate cake! :o)

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