while the wife’s away…

i snuck away for a much needed, relaxing girl’s weekend where we did little more than this

{photo credit, i did not take out my camera once.}

& subsisted on pimento cheese & firefly.

it. was. glorious.

while back at home, the husband was cooking fantastic looking meals, indulging in all the beef & salmon that he could {since i don’t like either},

watching movie marathons, cracking open expensive bottles of wine  & enjoying himself thoroughly.

i was a little worried that he was having such a good time, he wouldn’t want me to come home.

that’s okay.  i could totally get used to the beach 🙂

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3 Responses to while the wife’s away…

  1. love it! I’m working on a post now with photos. I’ll also upload them to picasa to share. So fun!

  2. Sara says:

    Had the best time with you! And I think we ate better than Mr. Lusher. 🙂

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