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before we got married, the mister lived in a dirty boy house.

it had cat hair covered couches, squished ants on the windowsill {“to set an example for the others”}, an endless pile of dirty dishes on the counter, made worse because there was no dishwasher, an impressive selection of expired salad dressings & other bottled condiments & was located on a dead end street that no one, not even the city, knew about, which was evidenced by just how many times the only way in & out was blocked without notice, either keeping you there, or forcing you to drive through a pack of marathon runners.

it also had a huge tv, well stocked bar, kegerator, & was close to downtown, making it a great place for friends to get together.

{there’s probably still some glued to the counter their old kitchen}

concocted from the only ingestible ingredients found in that house one night, it’s sweet, tart & will sneak up on you if you’re not careful, but turned out so good, it’s the constant cocktail of choice when all of our friends are together.


makes about 64oz

3 peaches, pitted & quartered (no peeling, that’s the fuzz)
8oz vodka
1/2 can frozen lemonade concentrate
ice to fill blender pitcher

add the peaches, vodka & lemonade to the pitcher of a blender.  top off with ice & blend until smooth.

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3 Responses to thirsty thursday | fuzz buzz

  1. AndreaW says:

    Now that I have popped out my kid…I’m sooo making these tomorrow! That really makes 64 ounces?

    Love the Blog (-:

  2. Elizabeth says:

    You didn’t like Turner Street? 🙂 Love this recipe. My uncle John made these throughout my childhood (we got the virgin version), Mom makes them every summer & has passed that recipe love to Drew & me. Simply delicious.

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