california, here we come {again}

so, once upon a year & 11 months ago, the husband & i traveled to northern california for our honeymoon.  last month, we headed west again, this time for a friend’s wedding & then a vacation of our own.

if you were a reader of this blog almost two years ago, you will remember how much i love flying.  & this time around i had plenty of time for googling.  googling weather forecasts, turbulence maps, what time the beer garden at the airport opens & coping with your flight anxiety.  in one of those google searches, i learned that your anxiety increases around age 27, when your skills for coping with it decrease from your younger years.  on my birthday last year, i’m pretty sure my coping skills packed up their shit & left.

i maybe slept 2 hours the night before we left.

we got to the airport at 4:30am, for our 6:00am flight.  per the rdu website, the beer garden opens at 5:00am.

i.  am.  golden.


what should have been an asterisk on the rdu website is that, while the beer garden opens at 5:00am, the great state of north carolina prohibits alcohols sales before 7:00am.


fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck.

somehow {xanax} i managed to board the plane to our connecting flight in atl.  i also {xanax re-up} managed to get on our plane to san diego.  the in-flight cocktail was my father in law’s signature drink: vodka & fresca.

i’ll have two.

we landed in san diego around 10:00am pst.

smooth sailing.

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2 Responses to california, here we come {again}

  1. I learned that 7am BS the hard way too. Bullshit! But, you made it & had a great time!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Girl, I am 100% with you. Before our flight to mexico, I had to take 2 ambien. I was worthless. I didn’t sleep a wink and after we FINALLY made it to the resort, I fell into the bed (mind you it was 3pm) and didn’t get up until the next morning. Poor John having to lug me (and my luggage) around because his wife was too drugged to do anything for herself. 😀 *I hate flying*

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