{baja} california, here we come: back to the states

i was seriously surprised at how bright eyed & bushy tailed everyone looked the next morning, considering the marathon margarita/tequila/mexican wine/tecate fest of the previous night.  the line to check out of the hotel was a mile long, so the girls & i sat outside with our luggage & almost ran up to hug tino when we saw that he would be driving us back to san diego.  the hotel didn’t even charge us the $1 for the razor i used.  it was going to be a good day.

we headed back to casa de los siete patios, one last time, for the recovery party.

the pool, the pacific, micheladas & the largest pan of paella i’ve ever seen.

{seriously, it was at least 5 feet across.  & how good does that look?}

it was a perfect, relaxing way to wind down the weekend.

after a few hours of basking in the sun, acquiring weird farmers’ tans & breaking the piñatas,

we wearily boarded the bus for the border.

i don’t know that anyone actually slept, but the ride home was much quieter than the way there, with the silence only being broken by the occasional sprinkling of the “we have got to find a california burrito when we get back to san diego,” whispered through the cracks in the bus seats.

over the course of the weekend, the groom’s california friends told us east coasters that we absolutely must have a california burrito before we headed home, so that was part of the plan before we all parted ways.  but first, we had to wait at the border crossing for about 4 hours, walk our luggage through customs {where the customs agents were stating our claims to us , since they got the gist that all  50 bus passengers had a fifth of tequila} & roll it through some filthy parking lots to get back to the bus.  & since none of knew exactly where the border was cell-service wise {& weren’t willing to risk the charges}, we weren’t able to make dinner plans until we were very clearly back in california.

tino dropped us off on harbor island, near the airport, where we said goodbye to all the new friends we met at the wedding.  our friend, adam, looked up california burritos & decided that our best bet was a recommendation from man vs. food: lucha libre.

after a game of musical rental cars, we met up there, even the groom!  we walked through the velvet ropes of the tiny, hot pink restaurant & managed to score a table.  surfin’ california burritos {almost} all around, mine minus the steak.  it’s was seriously delicious.  shrimp, avocado, pico, cheese, super secret chipotle sauce &?  fries.  i was full after half, but powered through the rest, because it was just so damn delicious.

{crappy iphone picture}

we have to figure out how to make this at home.

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  1. LeAndra says:

    The more I look at the picture of the girl swinging at the pinata, the more I like it. Everyone who is watching the action is smiling, and I love that. Great shot!

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