{baja} california, here we come: the wedding day

after indulging in little more than beer the night before, tom, our four friends & i gathered fairly early with one collective goal: find. food.

we headed, in a hungered stupor, around the corner from our hotel to las bugambilias where we sipped on the freshest, most delicious, freshly squeezed orange juice, while waiting for our omelets, huevos rancheros & french toast.  the food was seriously delicious.  i would show you pictures, but we didn’t waste any time demolishing it all, including the homemade tortillas & salsa.  i’m now ruined for life.  & need to learn how to make tortillas, since the ones at the grocery store taste like flavorless cardboard in comparison.

{sea lions, golden heads of mexico past}

the rest of the day, we explored the waterfront, waited for the churro stand to open {it never did}, unsuccessfully searched for the home of the first margarita & ate even more*.

a little after 4pm, we boarded martin’s steel coffin once again & sped to the church.  our men were all in the ceremony, so us girls took our seats in the pews.

the bilingual mass, in the church that was all stone & hanging lanterns, was absolutely beautiful with the afternoon sun shining in.

they were wed!  & in true catholic fashion, we were off to celebrate!

back at casa de los siete patios, we were treated to a margarita cocktail hour as all the guests streamed in.  lime, cucumber & tamarind** margaritas flowed freely as we mingled poolside & watched the sun set over the pacific.

we were seated at another oceanfront*** patio for dinner.  in addition to the delicious food, we were spoiled by table side beer, wine & tequila service

& a fireworks show.  which may or may not have caught the parking lot on fire.

after dinner, the band took the stage.  this wasn’t your typical wedding band by any means.  this was one of the most popular bands in mexico & this reception was a concert with no shortage of staging, lighting, choreographed dance moves & costume changes.

no, seriously.  here they are as the black eyed peas.

& this guy?

from the night before?  he was there every time any one of us turned around…with a fresh drink in his hand, saying, “more?”.  it was an offer you couldn’t refuse.

there was a battle of the luchadores & everyone danced into the wee hours.

at 2:00am, breakfast was served.

{chilaquiles, with plenty of chiles}

still not fully adjusted to west coast time,

we called it a night & boarded the bus back to the hotel, max speed, palm trees blurring along the way…

*fun fact: the caesar salad is said to have originated in tijuana & i SO BADLY wanted to have one, but didn’t want to face the wrath of lettuce washed in mexican water, so i settled for the other local specialty, tecate, instead.

**although it was an unappetizing shade of brown, the tamarind margarita was, hands down, the favorite.

***the pacific breeze is cold.  even in august.  pack a sweater.

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