meatless monday | roasted asparagus & white bean soup

i realize that a lot of the fun with the food matters project is checking in to see all the creative ways the other participants tweak & personalize each week’s recipe, but when it sounds so good as written, sometimes it’s ok to leave well enough alone.

DSC 6303 meatless monday | roasted asparagus & white bean soup

we don’t always do that, but it was the right choice with this week’s recipe.

this soup combines some of the wonderful flavors of spring like asparagus & leeks & puts them together with a base of white beans & potatoes, which when pureed, create a rich, guilt free, creaminess.  the asparagus gets roasted, our all time favorite way to eat it & the leeks are sautéed in white wine, which truly does something magical to their mild onion flavor.  the sprinkling of shaved parmesan adds a welcome salty bite.

we devoured it with large, crusty slices of whole foods’s parmesan black pepper bread.

for the full recipe, be sure to visit Adrienneats & for the full round up of everyone else’s variations, head over to the food matters project.

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5 Responses to meatless monday | roasted asparagus & white bean soup

  1. LauraC says:

    This looks perfect!

  2. I’d love to try the soup your way if it weren’t so hot outside already! It looks and sounds so delicious.

    • the lushers says:

      it was actually pretty hot the day we made it. oh well, it tasted good no matter the temperature!

  3. Margarita says:

    I wish I followed the directions to the tee… Your soup looks so good! Seems like that wine went well with it too.

  4. KeAnne says:

    That looks amazing. Please, please, please host a dinner party!

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