chocolate cherry panini

This week’s Food Matters Project recipe brings us the very first dessert of the challenge.  It came at the absolute perfect time, too, because we were celebrating Father’s Day & my dad just so happens to love cherries & chocolate.

We went ahead & made this recipe just as written & while it was good, it was kind of hard to flip while cooking, hard to keep together while eating & the choice of bread wasn’t really our favorite.  Here are just a few of the ideas swimming around in my head to improve on this the next go ’round:

1.  Use Nutella in place of the chocolate chips to help keep the sandwich together a little better.  Also because Nutella is just good.
2. Macerate the cherries with a pinch of sugar to flatten them out & make them juicy & sweet.
3. Use a softer bread. The wheat farm bread we used was just too tough & hard to eat.
4. Substitute other fruits for the cherries. I think raspberries, strawberries or bananas would be so, so good.
5. Turn this a stuffed French toast. The chocolate/fruit combination would make for an amazing brunch once dipped in egg batter & pan fried.

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3 Responses to chocolate cherry panini

  1. Margarita says:

    i had the same feelings with the original recipe and ended up really loving it with the pancakes because the bread that i used turned out too toasty and it was just hard on my gums. i love all these ideas you wrote, will definitely give the Nutella a try and the stuffed French toast!

  2. Gracie says:

    Stuffed French toast would be great, however your paninis look yummy too!!!

  3. i think a french toast version of this sounds wonderfully decadent!

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