savory tomato crisp

I have mixed feelings about this week’s Food Matters Project recipe.  I really want to love it, I did.  Fruit crisps are some of my favorite summer desserts, so I thought a savory take on it would be fun.

Here’s the thing though…I don’t really like cooked tomatoes.

Raw?  Love them.  As a sauce?  Great.  Baked in the oven as a main ingredient?  No, thanks.  Something about the softer texture & more concentrated flavor doesn’t work for me.  I gave it a shot because I thought a savory take on my beloved fruit crisp topping would change my mind, & as much as I enjoyed that part,  it couldn’t.  Tom couldn’t get behind the oats.  For us, this wasn’t a favorite, but we served it at my Dad’s birthday dinner & everyone else loved it.

So, don’t let us stand in your way.  Check out the full recipe at The Giving Table {as well as the rest of the site, it shouldn’t be missed} & other participants takes on the original at The Food Matters Project.

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  1. Margarita says:

    I like your honest opinion about this… Glad it was enjoyed by everyone else though. 🙂

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