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1.  Jubala Village Coffee.  Thanks to Percy chowing down on an electrical cord {he’s fine}, we missed the new Farmers’ Market at Lafayette Village Saturday morning.  We still headed out that way & stopped in to Jubala Village Coffee, since we’d heard such good things.  It was blazing hot outside, so I opted for a coffee soda.  We both got sandwiches, Tom a pressed pimento cheese with bacon & pickles & me a grilled cheese with cheddar, mozzarella & apple butter.  They were both pretty freaking delicious, so yes, we will be back & I can’t wait to try more of the coffee.

2.  Trivia.  It’s a perfect break in the workweek to sit back with a few beers & friends & compete against the likes of Bed, Bath Salts & Beyond, My Couch Pulls Out But I Don’t, Tempura House for Lightly Battered Women & Chris Hanson is a Cock Block.  Our team name?  Biscuits & Gravy, naturally.

3.  Duck fat tots.  The cafeteria at Tom’s office is closed for renovations, so the company has persuaded food trucks to park on their campus.  It’s been a great excuse for the two of us to get together for lunches & try out some new trucks.  One that’s been on our list for a while now is KoKyuBBQ, mainly for their tater tots fried in duck fat.  Those alone are worth seeking out this truck, but the sliders that both of us had were pretty fantastic as well.  If you’re in the area, get on Twitter & find them!

4.  Bobby Flay’s Marinated Grilled Portobello Mushrooms.  Since I don’t eat beef, I tend to eat a lot of portobello mushrooms at summer cookouts.  Usually, they just get marinated in olive & balsamic vinegar & thrown on the grill.  This week, we made them Bobby Flay’s way from his Grill It!  cookbook, where the mushrooms are grilled, then marinated & they came out so much more flavorful.  We didn’t get a picture, but rest assured, we will be making these again for. sure.

5.  Thursday night.  By Thursday night, we’ve usually cooked through all of our planned meals for the week & just don’t feel like messing in the kitchen.  More often than not lately, we’ve been heading straight to the bar at Busy Bee after work for some of the amazing specials Chef David has been cranking out.  & a few beers, of course.  Their selection never disappoints, & this week, there were still beer on tap from the Allagash tap takeover that we missed on Wednesday. ::happy dance::

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  1. Where do you trivia? We do it every Wed. night at Tobacco Road…our team name…The law firm of Balls & McCrackin’…don’t ask.

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