friday favorites | things loved this week

1. Durham Catering Company.  This past weekend, we attended our friends Melissa & Effi’s beautiful wedding, which just so happened to be held at the very same venue we had our reception almost three years ago, with the same caterer& they even ironically played Beat It as their final song, too.  We had a fantastic time, & the food was fresh, seasonal, unfussy & delicious…all the reasons why we chose Durham Catering for our wedding.

2.  Bojangles.  Cajun filet biscuits, fries, & honey mustard possess magical healing powers, a necessity for mornings after things such as the aforementioned wedding.

3.  Vanilla Garlic.  I look forward to Garrett’s posts every Tuesday.  They’re a little longer than I usually have the patience for, but he is a fantastic story teller & almost always makes me laugh (especially this time), andplusalso come with a delicious recipe, so I deem this one of my Must Read Blogs.

4.  Garden & Gun magazine.  My mom thought I was turning into a redneck NRA member when I asked for a subscription to this magazine for Christmas, but it’s one of the best magazines I’ve read in a long time.  Full of all good things south of the Mason Dixon, this is a magazine I sit down & read thoroughly cover to cover, careful not to skim over even a little bit.  In this month’s issue?  Art, style, design & bourbon.

5.  Venti Three Pump Shaken Iced Green Tea Lemonade.  Current Starbucks order.


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