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Hi friends, I feel like we’ve been kind of absent lately.  Please believe that we’ve been up to a lot & have lots of fun things to share, but not all of those things are necessarily worthy of their own full posts.  Soooooo we’re here to introduce Friday Favorites, where we’ll regroup here & share some good things we’ve gotten in to in the past week.  

1.  Peaches.  They’re early this year, & as good as ever.  We’ve been blending up pitcher, after pitcher of fuzz buzz.  You’ll want to do this too.

2.  Mr. Percy.  We’ve joked, ever since we adopted Percy, that he is a full-blooded Boozehound.  He will get all up in whatever you’re drinking, trying to steal sips of whatever you have.  Tonight, at dinner, I picked up a copy of the Independent Weekly, where I read about J. Percy Flowers, Johnston County moonshiner extraordinaire.  We’ve decided it’s only fitting to make Percy’s full name J. Percy Flowers Lusher.


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3.  Pimento cheese.  Always & forever.  It’s my favorite summer lunch, spread on a flatbread cracker.  I like to make my own, but when I’m feeling extra lazy, I reach for the Augusta’s, or my new favorite, My Three Sons.

4.  SlantShack Jerky.  Our latest adventure in online food purchasing, Tom has been eating this stuff by the bag.  His favorite flavor?  Grass-fed Original with Spicy Pepper Glaze & Jerk McGurk’s Wild RubDown.

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5.  This house, currently on the market in Charleston, South Carolina.  Built in 1840 & restored to perfection, this house has the original kitchen house still intact, but outfitted with fabulous high-end appliances.  The rest of the house is absolutely breathtaking, with exposed brick, hardwood floors & original fireplaces…all in downtown.  Please excuse us while we go find a few million dollars.

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6 Responses to friday favorites | things loved this week

  1. Tina Jones says:

    Oh, please, when you buy the Charleston house, can I come sip fuzz buzz, eat pimento cheese sandwiches and play with your dog, in the big beautiful house? Pretty Please, huh, can I?

  2. LeAndra says:

    I really like this post, and I’m looking forward to more Friday Favorites. Please also invite me to the Charleston housewarming. I can’t offer you the millions it will take to purchase the house, but I can offer to bring some peaches and pimento cheese once all is said and done.

    • the lushers says:

      Sounds good! Can you imagine the swank housewarming that could be thrown there?!?

  3. LauraC says:

    Thank you for posting this! I have tried nearly every pimento cheese over the counter and haven’t found one I liked. Found My Three Sons today at HT and loved it!

    PS. I am beach house dreaming right now.

    • the lushers says:

      Glad I could support someone else’s pimento cheese habit 🙂 My Three Sons is definitely my favorite right now, I just wish my HT carried the Spicy White Cheddar (or that it would go on sale at Whole Foods)!

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