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We’re a little late with this week’s favorites because we were out last night, enjoying one of our favorites…

1. Six Forks Station Cinema.  It’s not a new & fancy theater with stadium seating, but it’s nearby, the tickets are only $8.00 & a large popcorn & 2 large Sierra Nevada Pale Ales will only set you back $17.00, which is reasonable these days.  We’re fans.

2.  Trip Advisor.  We just booked a trip to California in October & wouldn’t think about ever booking a hotel without checking this site first.  I trust the hotel reviews on here more than any other source & love that you can see pictures from other travelers, not just the photos the hotels make available.  It’s never steered us wrong & even helped us find a place to stay outside of San Diego last year for $55/night, which I’m pretty sure is unheard of.

3.  Kitchen Daily @ The Huffington Post.  I noticed A LOT more blog traffic than usual on Monday & discovered our Tea Sandwiches from a few weeks ago had been featured in a slideshow on this site.  As fans of the Huffington Post, we couldn’t be more thrilled!

4.  The Fall Crate & Barrel catalogue.  There’s so much to love within these pages & now I want all new living room furniture.  & all of these.

{image credit}

5.  Durham Farmers’ Market.  The organizers of this market do an absolutely incredible job of ensuring an insane amount of product variety, which makes it, in our opinion, the best farmers’ market in the area.  Most of the produce is organic, or at least pesticide free.  You can find all of your market staples like tomatoes, potatoes, & berries, along with interesting additions like tomatillos, fairytale eggplant, padrón peppers, and our favorite, pea shoots from Four Leaf Farm.  There’s freshly baked bread, pasta, meats, cheeses, & even beer.  Not to mention bike coffee, Monuts Donuts, & the food trucks lining all the way up the side street.

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