meatless monday | crisp rice cakes with stir fried vegetables & tofu

I was pretty excited going in to this week’s Food Matters Project recipe.  See, I’m typically not a fan of rice.  It needs to have a lot of flavor for me to deem it worthy of my consumable calories, so the addition of toasted sesame oil & the crisp outsides of these rice cakes sounded promising.

The rice was good!  Although, our cakes could have benefitted from a couple extra minutes in the pan to get even more crispy around the edges, it was an interesting new way to enjoy the staple, & sometimes kind of boring, grain.   The stir fried vegetables & tofu, which we tossed in a little flour before throwing in the pan, was good, too.  Just overall, there wasn’t enough sauce to support the entire dish, so making this again I would at least double, maybe even triple, those amounts.

Consider this one a work in progress.

For the full original recipe head on over to Small Kitchen College & say hello!  For other takes on this recipe, take a look at these posts from other Food Matters Project members.

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4 Responses to meatless monday | crisp rice cakes with stir fried vegetables & tofu

  1. Margarita says:

    your dish looks lovely and i am amazed at how your rice cakes stuck together! i did not even try!

  2. Meg says:

    A colleague and I were talking at lunchtime today about tofu and she recommended breading it in flour and cornmeal before stir frying, and I had never thought of that. Does that help it stay a bit firmer when you use flour? I have an issue with my tofu falling apart in the pan, although it may be that I’m just a vigorous stirrer.

    • the lushers says:

      I don’t know that it necessarily held the tofu together better, but it definitely helped to soak up any moisture that was left & the pieces browned MUCH easier than usual.

  3. Aura Caplett says:

    Meg, are you using good firm or extra firm tofu? Also, are you draining it? I typically buy China Rose or White Wave tofu but will buy Nasoya if I am not able to make it to the health food store. The only time I have had issues with tofu falling apart is if it is not firm or extra firm. Thanks to the lushers for the breading idea–I’m going to try it!

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