friday favorites | things loved this week

1. Bull City Burger & Beer.  We’re late to the game on this place & I’m not sure why it’s taken us so long to check it out.  I’m just glad we didn’t wait any longer.  They make all but three items in house, the beers are seriously underrated (this Bountiful Backyard Ale was packed full of all the chile flavor we wished Stone’s 11.11.11 had), Tom loved his burger, the veggie burger puts most others to shame & also DUCK FAT FRIES.

2. Sleepwalk With Me at The Carolina Theatre…an independent film by comedian Mike Birbiglia, produced by NPR’s This American Life’s Ira Glass shown at a nonprofit, historic theatre that serves local beer.  Forever & ever, Amen.

3.  I found a fig tree at work!

4.  I found a second fig tree at work!

5.  If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen this…but my coworker has recently become a beekeeper & those bees are cranking out the honey.  I’ve added this to my arsenal to combat seasonal allergies.  Fingers crossed it helps.

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