it’s like the beach, but better.

So this West Coast vacation is sort of becoming a thing with us.

See, around here, most people take off for a week in the summer & head to the beach.  They rent houses & spend every daylight hour on the sand reading & relaxing.  That sounds wonderful & great & I love the beach, but I know that the two of us wouldn’t last more than a few days.  Tom would be totally, 100% stir crazy, we’d both be sunburned & when your main hobbies are eating & drinking, the limited number of restaurants & tribulations of trying to cook meals in a kitchen with unfamiliar pots, pans & knives would not be an ideal vacation.  For us, at least.

I think that’s why we love the West Coast so much.  I can’t think of a better place where great beer, wine & food all come together.  & while we know there’s some other really great areas we need to explore, (hello Portland & Seattle!) Northern California’s really won our hearts…& our tastebuds.

So, when United added a nonstop flight RDU-SFO, it pretty much sealed the deal that we were going back.

We booked hotels in Santa Rosa, Napa & San Francisco…the same cities we visited on our honeymoon & spent a week revisiting some of our favorite places & discovering some great new ones.

Stay tuned, I’ll break down all the delicious details.

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5 Responses to it’s like the beach, but better.

  1. I second the “Hello Seattle” portion of this post.

  2. I second the “Hello Seattle” portion of this post.

  3. LauraC says:

    We never did beach vacations before kids either!

    If you haven’t been to Chicago, I would highly recommend it as a vacation option. You could easily spend a week there in the summer, food is amazing, incredible architecture, beach, easily walkable, museums, and the bars are ridiculously plentiful and awesome. No need for a car so no need for a designated driver.

    Also… due to the difficulty in getting a liquor license in the city, many restaurants are BYOB, most with no cork fee.

  4. Brenna says:

    So, I’m a little behind with the readings, obviously. I say a vacation to Portland needs to be in our future…I want to go so badly!!

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