a year in review | 2012

After reading other people’s blogs, I think I may be in the minority, but I love a good year in review post.  I try my best to keep up with my Google Reader, but sometimes I get busy, don’t check in for a few days & it gets completely overfull & overwhelming.  & then, as much as I hate to do it, I have to click “mark all as read”.  So these yearly recaps are a great way to catch back up on things I may have missed the first time around.

This past year has been a full one, to say the least.  We’ve been to beer dinners, checked out new food trucks, cooked & tried to change the way we think about food with other talented bloggers through The Food Matters Project, exchanged cookies & recipes during The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap, finally spent some time exploring the food & beer scene in Asheville & went back to Northern California, which is sort of becoming a thing.  We’ve met some fantastic local bloggers & connected with others all over North America & were even featured on The Huffington Post & Bon Appétit websites.  Tens of thousands of you visited us here this year & we’re absolutely thrilled to have hosted you!

Here are the recipes you’ve loved the most this past year.2012 reader favorites

1.  Updated tea sandwiches.
2. Lemon sugar cookies.
3. Dark chocolate salted caramel cake.
4. Black bean cakes with corn salsa & avocado cream
5. Dijon buttered popcorn.
6. White bean ragout with toast.
7. Chipotle spiced sweet potato chips with cilantro spiked avocado crema.
8. Edamame cakes with soy drizzling sauce.
9. Crispy baked falafel.
10. Curried tomato soup.

& of course, we had to share some favorites of our own.

2012 our favorites1.  Tomatillo chicken stew.
2. Curried tomato soup.
3. Dark chocolate salted caramel cake.
4. Bourbon & ginger.
5. Saffron vanilla snickerdoodles.
6. Spicy grapefruit margaritas.
7. Dijon buttered popcorn.
8. Rice noodle salad with shrimp & peanut dressing.
9. Orecchiette with roasted cauliflower, sausage, chickpeas & fresh ricotta.
10. Peach & blue cheese salad with plum vinaigrette.

Cheers & Happy 2013!

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  1. LauraC says:

    I was definitely excited to see your year-end review because I had just found your blog at the end of last year! I also wanted to tell you that I had no idea until I read your blog that you could make your own microwave popcorn and now I do that for myself all the time.

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