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antico | life with the lushers1.  Antico Pizza.  We were in Atlanta last weekend to watch my sister & her volleyball team at Big South.  The night before we left our friends told us to check out this pizza place, so when we rolled into town after being in the car for 1 1/2 hours longer than we should have been, pizza sounded amazing.  Yes.  We ordered at the counter out front & by the time we rounded the corner, our pizzas were out of the oven on the way to us at one of the long communal tables we took over.  Also?  It’s BYOB (or W), which we did when we came back the next night.  Yep.  That good.

Busy Bee 4th Anniversary | life with the lushers2.  Busy Bee Cafe‘s 4th Anniversary.  We’ve been fans of Busy Bee since it’s beginnings & make it a point to be at each & every anniversary celebration, especially because they include an impressive list of barrel aged goodies.  This year’s list tempted us to take the next day off work & bring a sleeping bag, but we settled for a few shared pours, dinner & bee cake pops.

nc beer | life with the lushers3.  NC Beer Month.  I feel like a broken record, but I’ll say it again, “It’s a great time to be a beer drinker in North Carolina”.  Ever since we “popped the cap” in 2005, craft beer in NC has exploded & this month is the time to celebrate it state wide.  Events are going on all over the place, so get out there & get drinking!  Cheers!

4.  Spiced jelly beans.  I like the black licorice, but not the cinnamon.  I realize I’m one of the very few that likes this kind of jelly bean (I got it from my grandma), but that just means I win at the Target 50% Easter candy aisle.

5.  Cards Against Humanity, Third Expansion.  Cards Against Humanity claims to be the “A free party game for horrible people”, & since it’s a Kickstarter project operating under a Creative Commons license it allows you to print your own cards & cut them…if you have the patience to do so.  Otherwise, it gets periodically released on Amazon for your purchasing pleasure.  We’ve gotten countless hours of entertainment out of this unfiltered offensive version of Apples to Apples & the third expansion pack comes with gems like “And what did you bring for show & tell?”, “As part of his contract, Prince won’t perform without ______ in his dressing room.” & “The CIA interrogates enemy agents by repeatedly subjecting them to ______?”, which can be  with things like “A squadron of moles wearing aviator goggles.”, “A micropig wearing a tiny raincoat & booties.” & “Dorito breath.”, respectively.  Although, it usually gets more hilariously offensive than those examples.

Happy weekend, everyone!


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