how to eat your way through san francisco without looking like you ate all of san francisco

Here we are with another installment of Instagram Travel Thursday!  This week, we’re sharing our first full day in San Francisco on our trip last fall, but other bloggers are sharing their trips from amazing locations all over the world!  

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instagram travel thursdayWaking up refreshed on our second day in San Francisco, we hit the pavement.  It was the only way to combat the amount of calories we would consume throughout the day.

First on the agenda, the Ferry Building for breakfast.  The Ferry Building is an absolute food lover’s paradise.  There’s a farmer’s market set up outside three days a week, vendors inside selling local, seasonal & sustainable meats, cheeses, breads, seafood & just about any other ingredient imaginable (one of these trips, we’re going to rent a place with a kitchen just to get our hands on these ingredients) & it’s also home to The Slanted Door, one outpost of Blue Bottle Coffee & oh, just take a look at the merchant list.

ferry building  life with the lushers

We grabbed coffee & a few saffron vanilla snickerdoodles, which I had just read about on 101 Cookbooks, from our perennial favorite, Blue Bottle & snagged the last stools at the counter of Cowgirl Sidekick for some delicious breakfast sandwiches to fuel our journey.  Outside at the Farmers Market, I couldn’t help but pick out a few fresh plums…they’re my favorite.

The next stop on our journey around the city was Cask, which is like a candy store to those of us living in a state where the government runs liquor store.  Tom couldn’t leave without a bottle of Glenmorangie Artein Super Tuscan Barrel Aged 15 year Scotch, so we bought it & made a cookie/plum/Scotch drop off at the hotel.

city beer | life with the lushersNext, we headed South of Market to City Beer Store for some sipping & shopping, including our first taste of Ballast Point’s Indra Kunindra (a coconut curry india style export stout that I think is so oddly delicious, Tom doesn’t feel the same), before it hit the East Coast & a Stone 07.07.07 Vertical Epic.  We left pounds heavier with goodies to bring home & hoofed it to The Castro for lunch.

starbelly | life with the lushers{please note the joke on the chalkboard}

I actually read about Starbelly on Serious Eats instead of packing &/or sleeping the night before we left for California & I decided we would be going there because pizza with bacon & jalapeños topped with arugula & green goddess dressing is something I was not going to get out of my head without tasting it.  So why not walk clear across the city to go straight to the source?


& since we were in the neighborhood, we had to stop by Bi-Rite Creamery of course.

bi-rite | life with the lushersDid I mention it was the hottest day in San Francisco?  Because it was.  Hotter than at home in NC.  The difference being in North Carolina, we have air conditioning.

transamerica pyramid | life with the lushers{the TransAmerica Pyramid}

After dark, we made our way to the Financial District with wine in mind, but got hungry on the way.  We Yelped a dinner location & ducked into Bocadillos, a four star reviewed Tapas Bar where we mopped off with our napkins (no air conditioning, remember?) & sat at the bar to enjoy salad, giant prawns & patatas bravas, all washed down with beer & even more water.

bocadillos | life with the lushers{this was one of the five days a year SF needs air conditioning & I’m sure the orange walls & warm lighting only made us feel hotter}

From there, it was on to our final stop of the evening, Barrique, a wine bar specializing in private-label wine by the glass poured directly from the barrel, or barrique.  It’s a fun, different experience with wine…no focus on the winemaker or the labeling, just the name of the grape & where it was produced.

barrique | life with the lushersWe met owner, Matt Weese, when he was a wine rep for Mauritson, where he’s now making the wine for the wine bar.  We settled in to our table & I ordered a flight of whites, & Tom a flight of reds when Matt walked in.  He walked by, said hello, & we said hello below back & mentioned that we had met him awhile back.  Now, the life of a traveling wine rep must be a crazy one because his reply was, “Oh.  Shit.”  We assured him it was all good & he sat down to chat a bit.

barrique flights | life with the lushers

We loved the atmosphere, the wines & the concept, so Barrique easily makes our “Must Visit” list for San Francisco & it was a perfectly relaxing spot to end our evening.

Distance covered?  10 miles.

san francisco google map | life with the lushersCalories?  Justified.

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  1. I love that you love culinary travel as much as we do 🙂 Sometimes I feel like our sole purpose is to go eat different cuisines 🙂 Thanks for joining us again this week!

  2. I love your trips. Have you all decided where you are going next? You all get to some great restaurants. You vacation like I would like to do, but kids change things a little. I will see you Monday. Looking forward to catching up. Will will be home with the kids so it’s just me. 🙂

  3. Need to bookmark this for the next trip to San Fran. I remember our trip there was similar – wandering for the next meal!

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