Friday Favorites | Things loved this week.

Here we are! It’s Friday & I’m resurrecting Friday Favorites, so you can see some of our favorite things from the past week, & maybe find some new favorites of your own.

Here we go!

chinese chicken noodle soup

1.  David Chang’s Chinese Chicken Noodle Soup. This is a soup absolutely worth sweating over in the stifling summer heat. It takes a little work, simmering both vegetable & chicken broth for a few hours, but let it bubble away on a lazy Sunday afternoon & you will be rewarded with an intensely flavored broth & the best chicken noodle soup you’ve ever tasted. Truth.

2.  101 Cookbooks & Super Natural Every Day. I’m sure it’s been mentioned here before, but anytime we’re feeling the need for a healthy, wholesome meal, we turn to Heidi Swanson. Some of the ingredients may be a little unfamiliar at first, but absolutely trust her, she knows what she’s doing. Her recipes are filling & so full of flavor you won’t even realize you’re eating “health food.” In fact, two things we made this week, the California Barley Bowls & Black Pepper Tempeh, are her recipes.

menu board

3.  Miso Buttered Popcorn with Togarashi. If you know anything about me, you know that I love popcorn. At least one night a week, I sit down on the couch with a giant bowl of it & a glass of wine & call it dinner. This Dijon Buttered Popcorn was my go-to for a long time (coincidentally a riff on one from Super Natural Ever Day) but this version caught my eye recently. Plus, we have a tub of miso hanging out in the fridge & a jar of togarashi that I just had to have. I used a mellow white miso & skipped the furikake, so it’s not quite the original recipe, but was an amazing umami/spicy combination.

Be sure to stick around & read the blog, too. Those girls are hilarious.

4.  New menu at Chow. Chow is right near our house & they have a good selection of rotating craft beers, so I’d be lying if I told you we didn’t go very often & hadn’t eaten everything on the menu…probably at least twice. We made it over there this week to find a new menu! A whole new “snacks” section, new pizzas & burgers, a chicken biscuit…this could be trouble.


5.  Throwback Thursday. We’re taking #tbt & giving it the Lusher’s twist: pulling something we’ve been aging from the cellar to enjoy. Be sure to follow me & Tom on Instagram to see what we’re getting into each week.

Cheers & Happy Weekend!

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2 Responses to Friday Favorites | Things loved this week.

  1. Nicole says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the soup and high five for attempting it in the summer time. I really love those popcorn ideas! Dijon Buttered Popcorn is kind of blowin’ my mind right now 🙂

    • the lushers says:

      You have to try it! It’s so good.

      Thanks for posting the soup recipe, it’s become one of our favorites!

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