when foodies get married: the cake

weddings & cake go hand in hand.

soooo much emphasis is put on how that cake looks & in our career as professional wedding guests, (no.  really.  i don’t think we had a free weekend in the summer of 2008.) we’ve had a lot of dry, tasteless (but pretty!) cake.

it’s a bummer too, because good cake is such a good thing.  bad cake is such a letdown.  especially when you know the couple forked over an arm & a leg & probably the promise of their firstborn to pay for it.

when we began our wedding cake search, we decided to keep the decoration simple.  that way, we could afford really good cake.  we thought we hit the jackpot when we met a woman who baked out of her house, and happened to make delicious cake at a fraction of the price of the more well known area bakers.  weeeeellll, said jackpot picked up & moved to KY without telling a soul, leaving us cakeless less than 3 months before our wedding.

i repeat.  cakeless.  less than 3 months away from our wedding, because if you’ve planned one of these shindigs recently, you know that people book things like this, oh, like a year in advance.

! #%*^@.

after composing a strongly worded email, i got to work calling & emailing & praying that someone would have mercy on our situation and squeeze our cake into their already packed schedule

who saved the day?  cinda!!!!!

when i first spoke with her, i knew we were going to be ok & that i wasn’t going to have to add “make poorly decortated wedding cake” to my already enormous to-do list.   we went to her house, tasted some of the most fabulous cake & completely and totally changed our cake design, because she could make our cake look like it had CHAMPAGNE BUBBLES ON IT!!  five layers of bliss AND decorated like one of our favorite beverages?  YES, PLEASE.

five fabulous flavors! from bottom to top: almond, dark chocolate espresso, red velvet, tiramisu, and chocolate chip with peanut butter filling.

by the time the wedding rolled around, we were just really ready to have some cake.  guess how much we got?

DO YOU SEE THAT?!  THAT’S IT!  well, the hubs may have snuck an extra bite.but that’s it.  we had a 208 serving cake.  we only had 175 guests.  there were NO leftovers.  i would say it was very good cake.

at least we’ll get to try some on our first anniversary.

(we actually had some right before we went on our honeymoon.  my mom called cinda & told her what happened and she was wonderful enough to bake us a small cake, so we wouldn’t have to wait a whole year!)

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One Response to when foodies get married: the cake

  1. Megan says:

    The cake is beautiful! Patrick and I had all of one bite of ours too, a good bite, but still…one!

    Oh and the Renaissance cut the cake for us but then just put it out on a table, they didn’t pass it out at all. We have no idea how many of our guests got cake, or what happened to the left overs. 🙁

    Patrick’s SIL made it for us though as a wedding gift, so we got lucky there!

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