wine wednesday: emigre

here’s a good one, if you’re feeling luxurious.  which we apparently were on the tuesday we opened it.  

30% shiraz, 30% grenache, 20 % cabernet sauvignon, 15% mourvedre.  all fabulous.

rich & intense (and guaranteed to give you stunning red wine teeth) this dark purple aussie lovely, will set you back about $50 retail, but why not indulge every now & then?  this one’s worth it, blowing away similarly priced california wines.

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3 Responses to wine wednesday: emigre

  1. Kate says:

    why you hating on cali?! jk – that sandwich literally made my mouth water… YUM!

    • admin says:

      not hating…this bottle was just THAT good! you know I <3 cali, why else would we honeymoon there????

  2. All this talk about wine makes me feel like getting a buzz…

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