when foodies honeymoon: day six

our last full day of honeymoon.  sigh.

so, we grabbed some coffee & hit the pavement.  through chinatown, north beach & down to the fisherman’s wharf.  where the smells of sourdough & dirty funk waft in the air.  it’s super touristy & crowded, but we were in it for the sourdough.  & the sea lions.  {sourdough animals @ boudin, sea lions}

we could have watched the sea lions all day.  they’re pretty hilarious snorting, snoring, roaring, climbing all over each other & flopping into the water.


lunch consisted of chowder in sourdough bowls, complete with wine.  of course.

& then we took a walk along the water,where this crazy dude was swimming sans wetsuit.  the water was freezing, i touched it myself.

ghiradelli square was directly behind us, we could smell it.  i have never in my life inhaled air that was so rich & delicious.  naturally we went in to get some of the goods…along with a chocolate sundae.  one that i spilled on my iphone & i think it’s still sticky.

next up: shopping in pacific heights!  followed by grabbing beers at the corner store, hiking back to the hotel & admiring the real estate that we’ll never be able to afford (thanks zillow app!) all along the way.  in all honesty, i think i could get used to the big city.  the earthquakes & laundromats?  not so much.

on the way back up to our hotel room, room service was delivering some food to a room just down the hall from us.  as we got closer, the room service guy knocked on the big wooden door announcing, “room service!”.  a  bathrobed man answered the door, and when the room service guy said, “how are you??” the bathrobed man replied, “I AM FRENCH!!”.  & we died laughing all the way to our doorway.{sun setting on our final day in ca}

after resting up on the most luxurious bedding, (no seriously. frette, even on sale, costs about one month’s salary.) we headed back down to north beach for dinner.  we had made a reservation, on open table, at rose pistola, on the recommendation of the bellhop.  the maps on our iphones didn’t exactly want to tell us where the restaurant was, but we found it in time to be on time.  & this place did not disappoint.  from the moment we walked in the door, it felt like home.  the staff was so warm & welcoming & our waiter really knew his stuff.  he was excited about the food & wine & had some pretty solid recommendations.

our appetizer was unforgettable.  so much so, we recreated it here.  our entrees arrived & we dug in.  i had giant tiger prawns & was working on pulling the tail off one just as this guy{david coverdale of whitesnake fame}

& his date were sitting down.  ok, so it wasn’t really the guy from whitesnake, but he sure did look like him.  anyhow, i got that shrimp tail off…& managed to launch it, oh, about 15 feet in the air, just grazing mr. coverdale’s lovely aquanetted blonde locks.  the mister & i sat there stunned for just a minute, but the guy had NO idea that i had just threatened the loveliness of his hair with a rogue shrimp tail.  & then we died laughing.

after dinner, we met up with my college roommate & her husband (they had just gotten married a few weeks before we did), who live in san francisco, at a nearby pub.  it figures that i didn’t take out my camera.  not once.  we were too busy catching up.  it was the perfect end to our last night before returning to the east coast!

oh & apparently you can’t catch a cab in this city on a weekend, so we had quite the uphill hike to get back to the hotel.  in boots.  with heels.  oops.

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