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It’s been a little while, huh? Life’s just been kind of busy. But don’t worry about us. We’ve been eating. & here’s some of the recipes we’ve been loving lately.

hot & sour soup - life with the lushers

Joanne Chang’s Hot & Sour Soup // If you like the Chinese takeout version, you’re going to fall hard for this. The flavors are bright–sharply accented with sour rice vinegar & spiked with a generous dose of Sriracha–making this the perfect remedy if you’re feeling a little under the weather, but equally as good just because.

hungover noodles - life with the lushers

Hungover Noodles // Let’s be real–these noodles are way too much effort if you’re actually hungover. But any other time? They’re a perfectly satisfying vegetarian meal. We made ours with soba, but would definitely go with a regular spaghetti on the next go-round, since leftovers got a little mushy.

oaxacan yellow mole - life with the lushers

Oaxacan Yellow Mole with Chicken, Potatoes & Green Beans // Moles are known for their laundry list of ingredients & hours & hours of simmering time, but Rick Bayless breaks this one down so it’s manageable, even on a weeknight. Just blend up the mole, add diced chicken thighs, potatoes & green beans, simmer until everything’s tender & enjoy. We’ve made this one more than a few times now.

sweet potato tortilla soupSweet Potato Tortilla Soup // I can’t even count how many sweet potatoes we got in our produce box over the winter, but it was definitely more than we knew what to do with. This version of tortilla soup helped us combat some of the surplus.

 What have you been cooking up lately?

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2 Responses to Recipe Links to Love on

  1. Laura Case says:

    All gluten free and (could be modified to be) dairy and legume free. Love it! Bookmarking these.

    Instead of feeling sorry for myself at giving up gluten, dairy, eggs, and legumes, I am looking at it as a challenge to only eat awesome things. Currently cooking my way through both Against All Grain cookbooks and Practical Paleo. Against All Grain has a great number of sweet potato recipes! Jon and I liked the stuffed sweet potatoes:

    And we make her smoky roasted sweet potatoes as a side every week now. It’s this recipe except omit the pecans and maple syrup. You can not go wrong with sweet potatoes roasted in bacon fat:

    She is about to post enchilada stuffed sweet potatoes.

    PS Welcome back!

    • the lushers says:

      Thanks, Laura! It feels good to be back. 🙂 Those stuffed sweet potatoes look amazing! Thanks for sharing these links… we always need tips on sweet potatoes.

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