when foodies honeymoon: day five

in an attempt to make up for the mediocre dinner the night before, we packed up & headed for the bouchon bakery before we left napa.  {gourmet bird, pumpkin cupcakes & spider shortbread, bouchon bag}

we should have just gone to the bakery in the first place.

the cupcakes were adorable, the cookies looked fantastic, and the chocolate chip scones & chocolate croissants almost made up for the lackluster dinner the night before.  & these birds?  spoiled.  they sat at our feet & caught crumbs the whole time we were there.

onward!  to san francisco!

but first……muir woods.

the mister really wanted to go, i really wanted to get to the city, but admit that the huge trees were pretty impressive.  plus, the onsite cafe where we had lunch was just recently featured on “the best thing i ever ate” as tyler florence’s hidden treasure pick & mister’s chicken salad & my hummus & cheddar sandwiches were pretty damn good.

then we headed out of the canyon & towards san fran!

of course our camera battery died just as we hit the bay, but the iphone did a pretty good job.{the bay bridge was closed because pieces they had repaired snapped off & onto the road, so we came back over the golden gate}

obligatory trip down lombard street.

& then we checked into our splurge hotel, the fairmont, {fairmont lobby, view from our room, mai tai}

relaxed, shared a mai tai at the tonga room & headed out for dinner.  super authentic sushi.

then we found this.{rogue pub}

so, of course we went in.  rogue beers are delicious.

& while we were enjoying our delicious pints, they announced that trivia would start in 1/2 an hour.  we love trivia & play at least once a week at home, so we figured we stay, you know, to keep in fighting trivia shape.  little did we know that we would almost get divorced over this picture:right.

but when it’s this big, can you tell that’s kim cattrall?no.  i couldn’t. i thought it could potentially be kate hudson, you know, because it’s like 1 inch tall & printed on crappy printer paper.

i did have a sneaking suspicion that this was woodrow wilson,but wasn’t able to convince my other half.

no matter.  we didn’t place.  weren’t even close, but we got to try some rogue ales that don’t make it to our neck of the woods.

then we caught a cab, and i think the cab driver sighed when we told him our destination…6/10 of a mile away.  our cab fare was like 4 bucks.

back at the fairmont, we found a split of chandon & truffles from the bellhop waiting for us in our room.  a very nice way to top off the evening!

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2 Responses to when foodies honeymoon: day five

  1. Megan says:

    We really enjoyed Muir Woods as well, although I was convinced we were going to die on the roads going in and out.

    Also, the Fairmont? Loved it.

    But here’s the craziest thing…was the Rouge Bar you went to down in North Beach? Because I’m pretty sure that’s where we spent our whole first night in SF. We had a great time with a bunch of locals and some tourist from the UK. That’s where the bacon vodka bloody mary came from in my honeymoon write up…the one that tasted like drinking a cheeseburger!

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