thirsty thursday | michelada

happy cinco de mayo!

while everyone else in the free world is drowning themselves in syrupy sweet margaritas today, you’ll more than likely find me with an ice cold michelada in my hand.  {especially since the great cuervo overconsumption of 2009.  see also: my 27th birthday.}

it’s a beer, with salt, lime & a variety of other salty & savory ingredients {hot sauce, chiles, clamato…}, depending on where you order it & it should wash down all the chips & queso i plan on eating quite nicely.

here’s the quick & dirty way to make one at home.

coarse kosher salt
1/4 lime
12 oz chilled mexican beer
2 dashes worcestershire sauce
2 dashes soy sauce
2 dashes hot sauce

spread a thin layer of coarse kosher salt on a small plate. take the lime wedge & rub it along the rim of a pint glass, then dip it in the salt. fill the glass about 1/2 way up with ice.

pour about 2/3 the beer in the prepared pint glass. add the worcestershire sauce, soy sauce & hot sauce. top off with remaining beer.  replenish with the remaining beer as needed.

cheers, friends!

how are you indulging today?

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  1. 4 bags…wow…you got me beat there. I was stunned just looking at my 3. It felt really good to get rid of all that stuff! By the way this cocktail looks fabulous…ever since you posted it last week it has been haunting my dreams.

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