thirsty thursday | autumn maple

this is one of my absolute favorite fall beers.

 i searched for it as soon as fall beers starting rolling out, with no luck.  we heard the only distributor in the state that carried the bruery’s beers had dropped them.  i was pretty bummed.  then, after resigning myself to the fact i may not get any autumn maple this year, tweets from local beer stores popped up proclaiming, “we have autumn maple!” & we ran to tasty beverage & grabbed an armful.

as you can read on the label, it’s a “belgian-style brown ale brewed with yams, molasses, maple syrup, and spices”, & basically has all the rich flavors & aromas of fall, without being a pumpkin beer.  it pours a hazy, copper color & leaves a soft, boozy warmth after each sip. i preferred last year’s sweeter & smoother vintage a little more {i think.  i wish i had one, so we could try them side by side.}, but overall, it’s still a solid brew.  retailing for around $12 for a 750ml bottle, it may seem a little steep, but treat it like a bottle of wine…this is one you’ll want to sip.

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