wine wednesday: mulderbosch

it’s getting warm outside, but people, PLEASE step away from the chardonnay.  (i’m talking to you, mom.)

well, maybe not entirely, but there are about eleventy billion other options when it comes to warm weather wine consumption.

try something fun & refreshing.  like this.a south african rosé, made from the cabernet grape.

smelling like citrus (ruby red grapefruits, like the color) and having a hint of pomegranate & berries, it’s medium bodied & slightly tart,  great with food, or on it’s own.

pick it up for around $12.99 when you’re in the mood for something a little different, because pink wine doesn’t always = white zin.

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3 Responses to wine wednesday: mulderbosch

  1. elizabeth says:

    Thank you! I’m always on the look out for yummy and different summer wines. Please, please, please be my taste-tester for me 🙂 I spend all my extra $$ at yard sales and goodwill I never have enough left for that bottle of wine I’m not sure I like or not… 🙂 Happy Pouring

  2. citysteps says:

    Fun!! I love the bottle and label, too 🙂

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