this ain’t your usual friday the 13th

today is cause for celebration!

“why?”  you ask?  it’s usually a day full of bad luck.

but no, not today…

because today is the 5th anniversary of pop the cap in north carolina.

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it’s the day the 6% alcohol limit on beer was lifted.  the day that killian’s lost it’s title as highest gravity brew on the shelf.  the day we looked beyond the bud light & doors opened to thousands of new beers, great breweries, beer stores, bars & restaurants.  the day our great state got some flava & launched several of the previously mentioned places onto lists ranking them amongst the best. in. the. world.

{without pop the cap, we wouldn’t have this collection.  at least not without driving to other states to get them.  ignore the bear.  he likes rum.}

so raise your glasses with us today in celebration!

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  1. here here! Glass raised…ok hypothetical glass raised, I’ll raise my real one later this weekend!

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