mixed grill with chimichurri

I am so late with this week’s Food Matters Project recipe, but I guess that’s what happens when you drive to Florida, stay less than 48 hours, then come home & get sick.

So, here we are on Wednesday night, posting about a recipe that Tom made days ago & I never tasted because of said illness.

I can tell you that it smelled fantastic.

Chimichurri is an Argentinian garlic &  herb sauce, sort of reminiscent of pesto, that’s typically served with grilled meats.  Since this recipe came from The Food Matters Cookbook, the emphasis was much more on the vegetables, than the meat, with the portabello mushrooms being the standout winner in the mix.  In fact, & this is shocking coming from my meat loving husband, he thought the sauce was so good on the veggies, he would leave the meat out completely the next time.

For the original recipe, be sure to visit Lexi’s Kitchen, & don’t forget to head over to The Food Matters Project to see everyone else’s creations.  This week?  So much squash & great looking tacos!

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